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    Looking for the best San Jose SEO company? The rankings are in, and it's Proleadsoft. When you want to take your business to the top, digital marketing with search engine optimization in particular is critical. There may be many local SEO agencies in and around San Jose and San Francisco, but many do not understand the connection between search engines and search engine optimization like we do at Proleadsoft. We also know what an impressive return on investment SEO can generate when done right. Delivering a continuous flow of targeted organic traffic to your site through the identification of the most searched for keywords and corresponding relevant, helpful and informative content is one of the most cost-effective forms of high-impact marketing your business can employ.

    Our reputation as the top local SEO company in San Jose and Silicon Valley has been built on our ability to develop effective, holistic SEO strategies. We are SEO specialists with a healthy respect for search engines, and we understand how to optimize their performance on behalf of your business. Our SEO strategies employ white-hat SEO best practices that have resulted in a track record of success in increasing organic traffic for San Jose companies. In fact, San Jose, you can say we are an SEO agency that is next-level!



    Search engines love content that is helpful to customers and potential customers. An SEO company working with tech-savvy San Jose businesses is expected to have a content marketing perspective driven by what is more beneficial to consumers, which positively impacts search engine optimization results. The SEO specialists at Proleadsoft develop targeted, industry-specific content for blogs, social media marketing, press releases, and websites that incorporate targeted keywords that score big points with search engines.



    San Jose SEO results are table stakes for businesses in the heart of the tech universe. We are an SEO agency that not only guarantees results, we deliver monthly SEO reporting and present the results so that each of our clients clearly understands the cost-effective marketing ROI that's being generated through our search engine optimization strategies and tactics. Our monthly reporting also shows how your San Jose business compares to others in your industry, with additional SEO go-forward strategies clearly defined in a monthly action plan.



    Consumers today are more savvy when searching for products and services, with over 80% of them more likely to click on an organic search result than a paid ad. Search engines are today’s Yellow Pages and are the most ubiquitous way that people conduct research on everything from shopping to travel. Because a search engine like Google has more than 200 criteria that determines SEO rankings of websites, our SEO strategy include both onsite and offsite optimization to ensure that your site performs better than your competitors.

    Search Engines Love Proleadsoft, Because SEO Companies Are Not Created Equal. Take a Look at Our Comprehensive Approach, San Jose: 360 Degree SEO - A Complete Approach

    When a user searches online, they expect to find what they're looking for with the least amount of effort. If that's not happening when customers and potential customers search for your product or service, your organic search potential is not being optimized. When quality content is integrated throughout your website, optimization begins. Continuous optimization generates higher rankings; your visibility; and therefore, more qualified customer leads. Partner with an SEO agency like Proleadsoft that will make this happen for you. Your San Jose SEO search is over!

    At Proleadsoft, we investigate the keywords customers and potential customers are using to search for your products or services. That's market research when it comes to search engine optimization, and it's something we understand and do really well. And whether you're in San Jose, California, or San Jose, Costa Rica, the inclusion of local SEO keywords is, if you'll excuse the pun, key. The more targeted you are in addressing your customers’ and potential customers’ specific needs in your content, the better your SEO will perform.   

    Because it is an extremely efficient and effective form of marketing, search engine optimization is evolving in a more complex way. That means keywords are not the only factor in the ability of an SEO agency to provide stellar results. It's also critical that your website is formatted so that search engines like Google can easily crawl and index it. What we do with onsite search engine optimization is to expertly format Google schema, page titles, descriptions, meta titles and more. Proleadsoft is an SEO agency that optimizes your site's layout, link usage, and page load speed. We also update security and frameworks that enable search engines like Google to crawl it with the intention of providing users with the best match for their search queries. That's yet another reason we believe that search engines really appreciate the pros at Proleadsoft (if they were human)!

    SEO companies like Proleadsoft know that when other websites link back to your website, it's a thumbs up for your site's authority. Offsite search engine optimization takes the form of citations, guest blogs, and business listings. This is called link building, and we follow best practices so that you are benefiting from the most effective offsite SEO link building strategy. Our offsite SEO techniques also include natural links from press releases and white papers on other sites. While other SEO companies might minimize the importance of offsite SEO, we don't, as we know it should be included in your SEO strategy as yet another tactic for higher rankings with search engines.

    Just because an SEO agency is located in San Jose, your business cannot assume that the agency necessarily understands what it takes to perform well in rankings when it comes to local San Jose search results. An SEO agency may only perform a certain aspect of SEO, such as research, and then charge you for additional SEO services. We are a San Jose SEO agency that offers comprehensive SEO services and integrated digital marketing services and solutions. Because we also provide web design services, we are able to take the quality of your site's content marketing strategy into consideration from the get go. This leads to better-performing general and local SEO results.

    Having a well-thought-out SEO plan is the key for ROI based results. Starting from in-depth onsite and offsite website analysis, all the way to execution, we make sure your business goals are at the forefront for all the decisions we make. Your success is our success.

    A San Jose SEO Company Worthy of San Jose: Proleadsoft.

    San Jose Businesses Are Especially Discriminating When It Comes to Digital Marketing and Respecting the Search Engines.

    In San Jose, search engine optimization is a given as far as what San Jose businesses expect. Proleadsoft is an SEO company that will ensure your search engine results meet or exceed your expectations. We spend whatever time is necessary to develop a custom SEO marketing plan with strategies and tactics that increase your business's visibility in a way that other local San Jose SEO agencies may not. We think the search engines would agree!


    Go With the Pros for Search Engine Optimization Results That Flip the Page for Your San Jose Business!

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    San Jose Search Results: Proleadsoft Is the SEO Company That Ranks Highly for San Jose Businesses!

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      ProleadTeams has been fantastic for us. Their full-time dev resources have been very high quality and reliable. We’re up to 3 devs through them and are looking to add another. Thanks for making a huge difference in our business.

      – Gerald Dennig

      CEO, Nofomo & The DJ List

      Imran and Proleadsoft executed a seamless launch of our law firm's new website and then assisted us with SEO work following the launch. Imran is exceptionally responsive, professional, and skilled. He updated us regularly on the progress of our project and we were very pleased with the results. W... Continue Reading

      – Of Counsel

      Schertler Onorato Mead & Sears, LLP

      Imran is great. He and his team helped our small business go to the #1 ranked position on Google. It's amazing the results he got for us and how busy we are now. If you want visibility on the internet, they will get you there. And not only that, they are easy to work with and highly responsive to an... Continue Reading

      – Teresa Hoskins

      Founder, Axle Surgeons of Northern California

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      CEO, Machine Halo

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      – Nicole Hanusek

      Founder, Smack Happy Design

      Imran and his team are fantastic. They were generous enough to select our non profit organization as the recipient of their pro bono work. The Grateful Garment Project now has a clean, modern website to help us drive more awareness and donations. Thank you, Imran!

      – Michele Grisham

      Board Member, The Grateful Garment Project

      Imran and his team are very professional and delivery focused firm, their architects and engineers have great experience and are knowledgeable in the cloud transformation space.

      – Ali Khan

      Cyber Security Leader, Booz Allen Hamilton

      Imran came into our cloud application after I had an offshore team and an onshore team working on it. Imran and his team cleaned up a lot of mistakes, they integrated Twilio, worked on the functionality of our resume parsing into our cloud database, and now working on some of the mobile problems. He... Continue Reading

      – Bridget Cooper

      Founder, Urban Engineer

      The Proleadsoft team were amazingly helpful in helping me with my website. They are incredibly responsive, fast and thorough with all updates that I need. I would recommend them to anyone who wants top quality work done quickly and professionally.

      – Sophie Sharabi

      Founder, Gentle Touch Fertility Services

      Imran and his team did a spectacular job on my website and I could not be happier! The professionalism and ease to work with, makes them A-1 in my book! Imran patiently walked a non-techie (me) through the steps necessary to accomplish a non related task. I would HIGHLY recommend Imran and his te... Continue Reading

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      – Leo Manzione

      Partner, Run Right Consulting

      Our company had a great experience with Proleadsoft and Imran's team. Very professional, qualified and helpful. They did an excellent job upgrading our business website. I highly recommend them.

      – Lara M. Wilson

      Founder, Bountiful Botanicals

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